Thursday, 26 November 2009

N95: White Rectangle after Orientation Change

For some reason, after an orientation change, my N95 seems to draw the idle screen with the correct theme background, but this is clipped as if it were in landscape mode.

As you can see, not even the soft keys are drawn. At this point, other apps suffer also. I swicthed to Task Spy and here's what I saw:

Obviously TaskSpy thinks it is in landscape mode and has rendered its UI appropriately. When I did switch to landscape mode everything looks fine:

The thing is, changing handset orientation (to landscape and then back to portrait) seems to make the problem go away on the home screen but, interestingly, not for TaskSpy.

I'm on firmware V21.0.16 14-02-08 RM-159, Nokia N95 (13.01).


I am told that TaskSpy is not well behaved in landscape mode under any circumstances so those screenshots may be a blind alley.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Google Local - Why didn't this work?

Consider the two search terms:


Click on the links and you will see that:
  • "Hertz Car Rental near neutral bay, australia" returns exactly what one would expect - Hertz locations near to Neutral Bay.
  • "Your search - Hertz Car Rental near to Neutral Bay, Australia" - did not match any documents.
The difference is not caused by the capitalization of the place name but the "near" versus "near to".

So be careful what you search for, especially if, like us, you automatically generate search terms...