Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sports Tracker - Around the World in 700 Calories

Sports Tracker is great, but buggy. As you can see, apparently, I circumnavigated the globe in 1:30 mins, having traveled only 10.5km, burning 700 calories.

The west coast of Africa caused me a few problems so I fell off the pace, having just sprinted down from the North Pole.

Ovi Store - Sports Tracker - Ooops...

Recently, I had to reformat my N95. This entailed the tedious reinstall of all of my apps - a task that has been on-going for the last week or so as the need arose.

I went for a walk yesterday. As it happens one of my most used applications is Nokia Sports Tracker. I always use it to track where I have been. When it works, this app really is a gem.

Given that Ovi Store has just launched, I figured I would download the app whilst walking.

And here's what I got when I searched:

That Nokia cannot get its own award winning app on its own app store is a bit of a worry...