Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Nokia 6610: Packet Data not Allowed

6110 Packet Data Woes
I recently upgraded from a Nokia N70 to a Nokia 6110 Navigator. The process proved remarkably hard due to a 'Packet data not allowed' error whenever I tried to access the Internet.

The Fix
If you have the same problem as I did, the answer is to go to Settings | Phone Settings | Connection | APN Control. If, like me, you see a 'Connection restrictions active' message you have to use the Options | Deactivate restrictions menu item which requires your SIM PIN code.

Call Centre Woes
I have a 3G USIM from Optus in Australia and had no problem accessing packet data services using this SIM card on my N70. My first thought was that the operator settings (APNs) were incorrect on my 6110. So, I:
  • deleted all of the pre-installed used the Settings Wizard; and,
  • used the Settings Wizard to re-create the correct APNs.
No go - same error. I repeated this process using the settings sent OTA from the Nokia Support site. No go - same error again.

Then I tried a friend's USIM in the handset and everything worked fine.

Baffled, I called Optus support and explained the problem. They, in turn, explained that the problem was due a handset problem and forwarded me to the Nokia support call centre. I had a long, but ultimately fruitless, conversation with a nice lady who assured me that the problem was with my APN settings and, once again, made me run the Settings Wizard application. When this failed, she referred me back to Optus support.

I had wasted about one and a half hours at this point.

On my second call to Optus support I was transferred to Technical Support (instead of the normal non Technical Support people who happen to answer the Technical Support number). They immediately came up trumps and had me navigate to the correct menu, enter my PIN and voila.

Two hours wasted - at least 20 minutes on the phone to three separate people at Optus and 10 minutes talking to Nokia.

I hate APN settings and salute any operator who moves to a single APN.

What really irks me about the waste of time I went through on my new handset is that my Operator already controls what data services I am provisioned for. Why add an additional level of control on the terminal?

Furthermore, why is it that Nokia themselves had no idea even when I had explained that the APN settings worked when my friend's SIM was substituted for my own?

I would guess that the cost of servicing my calls has erased any contribution to Optus' bottom line from my handset this month.


  1. Thanks for that. I had the same problem with my 6120 classic. What is strange is that I did not have the problem until I changed providers (though both used the Optus network) and received a new SIM. I don't remember 'changing' the settings but somehow access became restricted. All working now - thanks to your tip.

  2. Dear Chris Wooldridge,

    You have no idea how much your post about the "packet data connection not allowed" helped me solve my own problem.

    You are what they call, a GODSEND.

    So much discussions on the internet about the packet data connection and none of them could see the problem like you did.

    Im so glad and relief that my fourth call to my service operator actually was resolved by one pin2 code. Such a silly issue!!!

    My operator says the restrictions were set my nokia, which is a form of security to prevent accidental access to packet data. (by the way, im using N82)

    I tell myself,"WTF. I am not a kid."

    I feel like my life is back to normal.


  3. Absolute champion. After speaking to eight different morons at Optus, and trawling the Whirlpool.net forums, this fixed my 3G problems on my E71. Many many thanks for blogging this.
    -- James

  4. Wow, I just fixed my N95 with the help of this blog, I debranded it and all was well till I upgraded the firmware last week and lost mms and internet. I'm a complete novice and this advice was invaluable, Thanks!

  5. I'm using a Nokia 6120 classic and faced the exact same problem...

    Was going through all the settings to see which might hold the key to the issue. Suspected it was the APN control but forgot my PIN2 so moved on to other settings.

    Of course, the problem remained unfixed.

    Then i came across this post, and knowing for sure now that the problem was the APN, dug up my PIN2...

    and hey PRESTO!


  6. Wonderful post. I used it to get my Nokia N95 8Gb phone accessing email and the web. Btw the most likely pin2 code used by Optus to lock the sim for Packet Data access is 0000. May save you a call to Optus technical support.

  7. thanks dude.. great info u provide here.. i got the same problem before to connect to the Internet using my 3G connection using my Nokia E90.. error msg said packet data : connection not allowed.. now after i follow your instruction all the problem fix already.. now i love my Nokia E90 really much..

    thumbs up

  8. hi Chris Wooldridge,
    , this is Yami from Kuwait, and i had the same problem with my NOKIA E90, what`s funny is i changed the settings, and after that i start to get the message " packet data connection not allowed"

    so, thanks for helping be to fix my E90 settings, have agood day, :)

    i Just Sign UP to thank you.

  9. dude. youre awesome. thanks you man.

  10. THANKS! It seems this is still a problem even after almost 2 years of your post.. LOL!

  11. It's people like you, that make the internet all the more worthwhile! You saved me so much time. Thanks :) PS (wish you worked at Optus!)

  12. thank you very very much.... even after few years, your post still help... thanks again

  13. dude, im from india and im using n95. I cant get this route _____Settings | Phone Settings | Connection | APN Control. the problem is still there. and the very fun is that i can browse through my pc using pc suite. Helppp.....

  14. No idea about an N95. I have one in front of me and as you say, it does not have the APN Control setting.